PlusOne automates the collection and processing of your invoices, leaving only the exceptions to process manually.

Our customers usually automate around 85% of their invoices — dramatically reducing costs and error rates, maximising cash flow and freeing up staff for more important tasks.

What it is

PlusOne is a cloud-based AP solution. It provides both purchase order matching and an invoice approval workflow. Completed invoices are exported to your accounting system, ready for payment.

Get organisational consistency

You define the business rules, data validation and processing requirements. PlusOne does the heavy lifting. Result: a predictable, consistent AP workflow.


Become cost-effective

Cost studies of manual AP environments suggest a range of $5-65 per invoice simply for handling and processing. PlusOne converts incoming invoices to an electronic workflow at point of entry. Say goodbye to high manual processing costs.


Audit friendly

PlusOne logs all actions for date, time and user, ensuring an easy-to-follow, accurate audit trail is always available.

More space, fewer lost files

No more MIA files

You’ll never misfile, misplace or lose an invoice again. All invoices are captured and stored online, easily accessible whenever needed.


Save on storage and transport

PlusOne is digital. That space you use for storing all those paper invoices? Now you can do something useful with it.

Want to know more about PlusOne?

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